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10 must see, super-hot selfies Kim Kardashian should definitely include in her new book (of selfies)

Kim Kardashian is the undisputed queen of the selfie. I’m guessing she owns one of the sticks you can use to get really cool long shots on your selfies too. I don’t know what the technical name

Babes in Fishnets! It’s a lot better than Fish in Fishnets.

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Babes with Yoga Pants

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Gym Babes #2

Back by popular demand! These babes will have you avoiding carbs and crunching those abs. Is there anything more beautiful than a toned athletic body? We don’t think so. So, be inspired, dig out those sneakers and

What’s 100 times better than a Mankini? The answer: a Monokini!

Finally there is an improvement on the Mankini! Somewhere there is a fashion designer we all need to thank. Women now have a seriously sexy outfit for the pool or beach and well …  the men now

These surf babes will make your day!

What’s not to like about surfing and even better that feeling when you catch a wave. When you are waiting for a wave your mind can think a thousand different things. When you paddle for a wave

Student Arrested For Filming Porn In University Library (Photos)

As a lesson to all voyeuristic thrill seekers! A student who allegedly filmed porn of herself in her University Library has been arrested. In addition to the public embarrassment the student has received, the student may now